Monday, December 30, 2013

Strange infernal machines to throw at a chap, eh wot?

Caruthers turned to his ADC: "My God, suh, what strange and fiendish creatures are these that present themselves to us?" For as his army woke in their encampment on the second day of his latest campaign, strange khaki clad hordes with oddly futuristic looking mechanical contraptions advanced towards their tent lines.

With much shouting and general sounding of bugles Caruthers ordered his troops deployed.

In the front lines he ordered:

1 x Bayonet wielding blade General (Caruthers)
3 x Bayonet wielding blade
2 x Shooters
1 x 17th Lancers knights
1 x Gardner gun artillery
1 x Steam powered robot behemoth
1 x Airboat

Attacking his encampment was a Soviet World War force, apparently caught in a time bubble:

1 x T34 behemoth general
1 x Commissar paladin
2 x Riflemen hordes
4 x Sub machine gunner shooters

All of whom prayed for the arrival of their God of War, artillery

Caruthers advanced his battle line. A firefight developed between sub machine gunners and British riflemen.

The lines hit ..

Caruthers' riflemen made short work of the shooters and hordes with their bayonets.

The Soviet T34 armoured behemoth general shattered the British steam robot... couldn't be faulty British engineering, surely? However the Soviets were running out of troops to support their commander, and still their Gods hadn't blessed them with their presence.

Shooters and hordes rushed to support their commander ..

But too late, the Soviet force had lost too much of its strength. The artillery barrages had never arrived, and Caruthers sat back, wiping his brow and sighing with relief. This threat to his advance had been defeated. 

The last line in Caruthers' diary entry for the day: "Strange and infernal machines, and odd people too.. give me spiders any day... "


  1. That's it - I'm getting my HOTT Soviets out tonight :)

  2. Alan.. I am growing to like them, wasn't sure at first... and have just added a flyer (a die cast Mig 3..)

    Your own Soviets are inspirational...


    1. Thanks. Mine aren't really WWII armies as such - they are fantasy armies with a WWII theme :)