Monday, December 30, 2013


So there were these two die cast model planes... perfect size for flyers for Hordes of the Things 20mm armies.... on sale at a local Toyworld.

Now the first one I could easily justify.. the WW2 Soviets needed some air support.. a flyer. This Mig 3 is just the thing. I was going to repaint it, but the white has 'grown on me'.

But then there was this Me 262.

Now I don't have a WW2 German HotT army of any sort, although I've been attracted to the idea of what is dubbed 'Weird World War 2".

Anyway.. I couldn't resist the Me 262, but to count as what? A flyer?

How about an aerial hero. After all this jet technology was meant to be the saviour of the Reich???

Only problem now is.. the rest of the army. I have a few painted WW2 German figures that were surplus to the Spearhead WW2 army.. but these few figures do not a German army make. And anyway, if it is 'weird', shouldn't there be Pterodactyls with German infantry riders? Zombies? Advice gratefully received.

Oh well.. another HotT army may have to be born.


  1. Aerial hero. Yep.

    As for an accompanying army...well, it depends.

    Do you want to go down the super-science/Pulp novels route - super tanks, armoured walkers, weird ray guns - or do you want to go down the Nazi occult route - weir wolves, zombies, genetic uber soldiers, demon worshiping scientists etc.?

    Either way I've got some Pegasus SS you could use. Quite a few, in fact.

  2. A Hellboy might be in order, perhaps as a Behemoth since he is so tough. Ark of the Covenant as a God? Something like Red Skull's laser cannon-equipped tank as an Artillery?
    Food for thought anyway. Untoten Soldat and Uber Soldat are pretty well required though I think.

  3. If you are short of 20mm, suggest you look at Caesar figs - Taiwan, these are streets ahead of old plastic Airfix or Matchbox... I have a few basic shots on my blog at

  4. I'd recommend the Eureka Pterodactyls. They even have them rigged with bombs. Go for it!

  5. Read that earlier today...between that and these fantastic comments on this post.. plenty of inspiration.. thanks everyone.. the power of blogging eh??