Sunday, December 1, 2013

HotT Carnage 2013

This was the sixth year in which we have staged our HotT Carnage tournament, and this year eight players took to the field to contest the much sought after Emperor Dragon trophy. To begin with here are a few choice shots of some of the armies.

Caveman God attacks  a German Wehrmacht General element in the flank.. this hurt!!

One Of this year's new armies from Mark.. nice stuff

Old hand 'gamer, but newbie in the HotT domain .. a Prussian Seven Years' War army fielded by Ion.. a touch of class on the battlefield, commander very ably by Ion.. well done!!

Another old hand gamer but newbie HotT player Brian with this great army.. the snakes are a 'beast' element.

Brian's behemoth element

Gordon's magician

The 7YW Prussians against Brian's army

Classy lads, eh!!

Prussian Lurker .. 

One of the two magicians in mark's new barbarian army.
 Read more on Mark's HotT adventures here.

The wehrmacht forces

OOps. more Prussians..

The overall winner for the day was Kevin with his Caveman army.. well done Kevin.

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