Sunday, December 1, 2013

HotT Soviets come out to play

More from today's HotT Carnage tournament.

While I had organised today's tournament, I opted not to play as we had an even number of players and, as organizer, I always feel that it's not appropriate to play if this creates a bye for others. However one player left the field, so I stepped in to make sure that the other players were able to (possibly) gather their pints from the last two rounds without sitting out  a bye.

I opted to field my Soviets. The army list is:

1 x Cleric general (Commissar)
2 x Knights
1 x God (artillery)
4 x shooters (SMG armed infantry)
4 x Hordes Riflemen)

This was round 5 and I was playing Paul, a new player fielding a LotR army.

Three shooters eliminated his behemoth chariot, and a warband on the Orcs left wing

Once my God appeared I attacked on the left, first hitting his flyer with the God from the rear, and then attacking from the front with my T34 knight.. another two points down

The God and knight made short work of the warband, and then hit a second warband.

And the game was pretty much all over. Mind you in Round 4 I'd faced Breian and was lucky to grab a draw after an hour of intense play. Brian's a wily campaigner, and good fun to play!!

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