Sunday, December 1, 2013

The HotT 'feature' army of the day ..

From today's HotT Carnage tournament.. just had to be Gordon's Starwars army, made from Lego characters that were originally keyrings I believe. I can't recall the army list, nor the troops types that he used.

But anyway, enjoy!!!


  1. Looks like five Shooters, a Beast (the Walker is deployed in bad going) and three Heroes (or maybe two Heroes and a Paladin). A pretty good combination.

  2. I'm nor surprised this imaginative wee army was the army of the day. Just the sort of thing that 'makes' HotT the entertaining system it is. I still think an Imperial Army might be feasible, with Darth Vader as the Hero general, and the Emperor - or possibly the Death Star - as 'godlike' in its power to destroy the planet.

    How to portray the Death Star? Simply the LEGO version, as depicted on Big Bang Theory some seasons ago, mounted upon a long piece of dowel, the whole stood upon a 6cmx6cm base... You might have to ask for free lynching rights against anyone who bumps the table...

  3. Thanks again for organising it Robin.

    The army consisted of shooters (heavy weapon storm troopers), hordes (storm trooper grunts), blades (the Jedi), Hero (Yoda) and a behemoth (the ATST).