Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chaos flyers for HotT...

I remember it well. It was one of those years when I was marking external examinations: 900(+) Level 1 Economics papers. You have to watch your motivation, you know. I'd set myself a target, and had decided in my own mind that when I reached that target I'd give myself a small reward: I'd go to the local GW supplier and purchase a couple of their 'Harpies' (from their Dark Elves range) as flyers for my Chaos HotT army.

I painted the flesh, but at that stage the old motivation disappeared, and they have sat on my painting table for (probably) 5 years + awaiting completion. Today was the day ....

The Flyers with one of the Chaos army's dragons.. the aerial component of the army.

In front of the Chaos Stronghold.
That's another job done.

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  1. Great work Robin - always pleasing to get one of these half completed projects finally done!