Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gee I wasn't expecting that .. Willys' Jeeps

I grabbed another box from the games room pile, determined to continue to reduce the number of boxes I'll have to pack up and transport to temporary accommodation. The Nitto M3 Halftrack and Jeep seemed like a good next project. After all with Americans in 1944 you can never have enough M3 half tracks for those mechanised infantry.

However instead of an M3 and a jeep, I found sprues for five..... yes that's FIVE .. Willys Jeeps. Checking the Spearhead OOBs, I could see the opportunity to use four of these anyway as HQ and recce vehicles. For some reason (it might be the relaxed 'holiday' state) I decided that I'd put a little effort into basing them, since they are small enough to sit on bases that are the recommended 1.25" wide (albeit a little deeper).

I decided to put three of them on 'cobbled' roads (yes the colour isn't quite right but you get the idea). And those cobbles are all hand drawn!!!

The other two are on packed 'dirt' roads.

I must have been given these by some wonderful gaming colleague quite a few years ago; I don't recall getting them. A few smaller parts had been 'robbed' from the sprues, so there were only three 0.50 cal HMGs, and three drivers.

Another box down ...


  1. Interesting find. That Nitto/Fujimi halftrack (the one you don't have) is going to be the basis of my M16; utilising most of the parts for the optional twin AA variant (M13 - not mentioned anywhere on the box IIRC), but mated with the quad AA from the Matchbox/Revell kit. Unfortunately Nitto still managed to replicate quite a few errors from the Airfix M3A1 (people have been unkind enough to say "copied", cough, cough...) so there are still quite a lot of modifications to do. Anyway, the little jeep from that kit is a bonus, especially with its MG mount, though I don't have FIVE of them !

    Cheers, Dave

  2. You lucky man!

    I think the 5 Jeeps are a great swap for the M3. Nicely put together as well.

    Great find.

    1. Thanks Paul.. yep, a nice find. I suspect I won't need 5 for the US OOB... but JUST IN CASE (you can never be too sure!!!)... and always good eye candy anyway.