Sunday, January 5, 2014

M16 MGMC - AA cover for the 20mm Americans in Spearhead

Years ago I bought this Matchbox kit for our son Nick. At that stage he was keen to paint a US army for play with the Rapid Fire rules. The enthusiasm waned, and the kit, along with several others, and Nick's nicely painted infantry, have all sat unused.

Working my way through the boxes in the games room (all part of the "reduction in boxes" programme pre demolition, you understand) I dragged this one out and set to with the painting and assembly.

Most of the kit went together really well, but I couldn't 'get my head around' how to assemble the guns to get the classic quad cannon look. Consequently they are aligned rather than being set in a rectangular group.

However the vehicle will provide AA cover for the US Spearhead army.

The kit also came with this nice looking piece of terrain .. a piece of rail line in a cutting, with a bomb crater in the middle. It seemed a shame not to assemble and paint it.

Here is the vehicle posed as per the kit's box art.

I may still try to take the guns apart and reassemble them, but that may require a degree of motivation that I just can't find right now.


  1. Hi Robin, I would not panic about the guns as I am 97% sure that you have got it correct. They are supposed to be slightly off set.

    Wonderful work on this. Top notch in fact!

  2. Looks good to me! Here's one I did earlier:

  3. Robin,

    I have a little project on the backburners to build an M16 MGMC from a couple of kits including the ex-Matchbox job. In my folder of references for this (stalled) project, some of the best pictures I have found of the disposition of the quad MGs in the Maxson mount on the M16 are at BZ's Littlefield Tanks 2010 (warning pic heavy, but lots of very nice stuff!):

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Dave

    Thanks... that's the arrangement I thought.. it may be just me, but I think I put the kit together as it was meant to? In which case Matchbox had it wrong? Of course it could all be my incompetence??LOL