Monday, July 13, 2015

Battle for the Underworld

It's been a while since I played any figure based games, with our shift back into a brand new house after our rebuild. I did manage a couple of Crossfire games against Adrian, but was so thrilled to be playing again I didn't mess with the moment with a camera.

However today Nick G came across and we played three awesome HotT games. These guys haven't been out for a while so I felt that they well and truly deserved to be recorded, even though the balance lay clearly with Nick.

The first game was a battle for control of the underworld as two Undead armies faced off against each other.

Nick had a pretty damned impressive centre with three chariots (knights) supported by blade, a flyer and an aerial hero.

I held the centre with some blade supported by two magicians. On their flanks were Hordes on the left and beasts on the right.

The advance begins.
 Nick pushed his riders forward against my beasts on my right. Sadly I was so out of practice I forgot that beasts are a quick kill to mounted. My first and biggest error.

Out manoeuvred .. bother.

Magic coruscated (I generally find that the powers of magic 'coruscate' for some reason .. ). My magic pushed one of his knights back in the centre.

However having disposed of my beasts Nick proceeded to gang up on my hero general whom I had successfully manoeuvred into splendid isolation. That didn't end well, and Nick claimed control of the underworld. Oh well, we'll be back, after all we are the Undead..

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  1. That was a great game Robin. Thoroughly enjoyable! :-)