Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's on the painting table?

What's on at the moment?

First, some repair work on some 20mm WW2 British transport and para recon for Spearher\ad. The box took a tumble during the shift back into the new house.

Then, those Chaos bikes I bought 2nd hand.. supplemented with some extras cobbled together from the bits box, giving me 10 Chaos Space Marine bikes, all assembled, undercoated, and ready for painting.

But here's a question: what does your painting table/desk/area look like? Mine is a little untidy/chaotic at the moment. Mind you, I guess it's actually usually like this, so perhaps this is my 'norm'. How about yours?

Once these are done I think I'll shift back to the 6mm WW1 and WW2 armies again. There's nothing like painting at the extremes.

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  1. Mine is portable - I grabbed a large 4 draw plastic drawer set from the Warehouse and I have it in the back room - paint in one tray, various figures in others. When I paint I simply get the trays I need and have them on the kitchen table.

    The trays did become something of a mess recently in the rush for Waterloo, Hordes and other games I had planned but Im slowly sorting it all out.


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