Monday, July 13, 2015

Painting Challenge 2015: last contribution

Finally, photos of Andy's 2015 Painting challenge. Andy hasn't painted the Dreadnought with which he began the challenge, but he has done these five Space Marines.

The group of figures assembled and undercoated. Andy obviously uses a white undercoat (no prizes for your powers of observation, Robin!!)

The completed group

The SM commander
So that's pretty much it for the this year. For me, there are some more British 1940 AFVs on order for the France 1940 forces, and in the meantime some Chaos Space Marine bikes on the painting table, assembled, undercoated and ready to go.

Mind you, there are also the 15mm Ottomans awaiting some attention for DBR, the French and West German forces for Modern Spearhead, and. . oh damn, there I go again.

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