Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A night of DBA...

A night of DBA 'gaming with Nick, a fine opponent and good company. We dragged out two 20mm armies: Early Imperial Roman, and Early german - Trajan perhaps attempting to subdue the German tribes.

The first game saw the action take p;lace alongside the Rhine. The German tribes held their right flank back to protect themselves form the Roman cavalry, while pushing forward on their left to attack the legionaries. Light troops had raced on ahead to pin the legionaries, preventing them from taking up position on some high ground.

The Roman cavalry, lead by the Emperor, moved along the banks of the Rhine to attack the German flank.

The Germans had taken up their camp in some ruins.

The first wave of war band attacked the legionaries on the hill, but the legionaries held against the first charge. One unit of legionaries ran, but there was a second reserve line behind to hold the war band.

Meanwhile the Roman cavalry had moved onto the German flank.

However some deft fighting by the legionaries cut holes in the German line.

And the first German tribes were subdued.

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  1. Romans against warband barbarians is always a fun match-up, and one that tends to play quickly! Like the figures!


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