Sunday, September 16, 2012

20mm Spearhead: Russian infantry ...

Next step towards the completion of the 20mm WW2 Spearhead project completed: the refurbishment of the 20mm Russians. There are four battalions organised into two under strength regiments. Some of the support weapons are completed, but if the troops are to come close to the OOBs that I would use with the 6mm forces (these are the core of an infantry division 'Attack List' constructed using Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System, there is more to do. I don't thing we'll run forces of quite that size because of the scale compromises required on the table top. However there will be a few more additions to both the Russians and the Germans however, to create interesting 1943 Eastern Front clashes.

I've already made comment on the quality of the figures and the paint finishes. However, they'll do the job.

Watch out, Nick, the Russians are coming!!!


  1. Bring 'em on, I got me some Tigers that'd love to meet them!

    By the way, I was thinking - how 'bout some early Cold War gone Hot? Remember when the Kiwis drove into Yogoslavia and were confronted by Tito's partisans? There was a bit of a stand off 'till the Kiwis drove in a couple of Shermans. What if it had gone hot, and the Russians were dragged in...?

  2. Nick

    Why not? Anything's possible.. would be interesting.