Sunday, September 16, 2012

A sudden twist in the road

Right-O, I thought. With the Russian 20mm infantry sorted, what's next? This year's focus has been on my 'finishing' strategy, and I thought, I've had these zombie figures sitting in the 'to do' box for quite some time awaiting a paint job before joining the HotT Undead army. OK, onto the painting pins they go.

However I (perhaps rather foolishly) thought I'd have a poke through the collection of other unpainted/unassembled/unstarted stuff to see what was there, because I have been happily finishing figures in boxes, consigning the boxes to the recycling bin, and shrinking the pile. What should I find?

Oh dear!! A sudden twist in the road, a bit of a change of plan.

The 20mm Russian army for Spearhead needs a few more armoured vehicles. The period is 1943, so the SU85 is marginal in terms of its use on 1943 Russian OOBs, but what the heck. It removes a few more boxes from the 'yet to be painted' box, and moves the 20mm project another step towards completion.

I am also trying to reduce the pile of 'stuff' that I'll have to pack up when the insurers eventually get around to repairing or rebuilding our house (IF they ever get around to it!!). Here's another three boxes down!!! See Lorraine, I'm working on the problem.

'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!!!


  1. Are those zombies from the Zombies! board game? The "handshake" pose guy is a - heh heh - DEAD giveaway! I had the same though myself to use them for some tabletop game, since they are cheap and plentiful. I hope you'll include some of the clown zombies from the amusement park add-on - they are by the creepiest.

  2. Yep they are... also dogs. Would love to see the clown zombies, will keep an eye out for them.