Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lost and the Damned come up trumps ...

With a rare Thursday evening fre, Adrian and I popped along to the local cavaliers 'gaming club to enjoy a pint and a game of Combat patrol using the new CP armies. The beer and the conversation were great, as was the game, and for the first time that i can ever recall, I won a game of 40K.
The mutants advanced in cover, ran and then hit Adrian's Necron Warriors, cleaning them out in two turns. The Chaos Space marines advanced in the centre, soaked up a fair amount of firepower before charging the three wraiths that came out to play, The wraiths had sent a unit of traitors fleeing, but these boys managed to rally after a turn.

The mutants joined the CSM in combat with the wraiths and helped to eliminate them. The 'after' shot (I forgot to to take my camera, so grabbed these few photos with my phone after the action was all over.

The Traitor heavy weapons platoon managed exactly nothing, despite several hits.

All good fun: I think we'll do it again.

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