Monday, September 24, 2012

Pegasus KV1 kitsets

Oh the relief... the Pegasus KV1 models, that is. Having picked up a couple of boxes on Sunday, I set too to assemble the first two from the box. Now it's probably over twenty years since I assembled a plastic tank kitset, so yep I'm a little out of practice. Even so, these kits are a joy to assemble. The accuracy of the molding is such that when I came to dry fit several pieces (the hull top to the remainder of the hull, and the turret top to the bottom, for example) the fit was so good there was no need for glue, they simply clipped into place. On many of the pieces there is a locating key molded into the piece to make sure that it is easy to fit into place with 100% accuracy.

The kit comes with four turrets, two of each design shown below. I chose to assemble both variants from the kitset. I like the visual variety on the table top.

They have been painted with the Flames of War (Vallejo made under license, I think?) Russian tank green. The running gear and the rear deck were given a wash with Citadel 'Tinbitz' before the whole vehicle as given a black wash. Finally the vehicle was 'lined out' using a lighter shade of the original green.

Yep, these will do the job. Another two to assemble (it's term break, so I've already started) to give the attack list option with a heavy tank regiment, and a breakthrough regiment, to support the two weak infantry regiments.

Pegasus kits: based on this experience, highly recommended.


  1. Nice work Robin. Fresh meat for my Tigers! (All three of them...)

  2. Meat with bones.... mwahahahahahahaha.. only appear in the infantry attack list though. I suspect you'll be unable to afford those Tigers in a defend list either,,LOL


    1. I'll just have to engage them with, well, an engagement list!