Sunday, September 23, 2012

T34's in the 'green'

More vehicle renovation last night (can you tell that term break has started??) ... four T34/76B's repainted in the Soviet olive green, eliminating a couple of the slightly bizarre colour schemes that you can see in the previous post.

The vehicle front right is one of several small conversions I did in the 70s.. the vehicle has boxes on the rear that housed 'smoke candles'. The idea was that the vehicle drove around emitting smoke from these boxes so laying a smoke screen. Cute ... although not a lot of value in Spearhead. However these things create some nice visual diversity on the table top.

This morning I picked up a couple of boxes of those Pegasus KV1's (quick assembly) to create the 'break through' regiment to supplement the Infantry Division attack list... YES!!!, and a box of German 76mm IG to support the German infantry battalions... honestly Lorraine, I'm just finishing old projects, not starting yet another project, no.. seriously, just finishing....

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