Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Russian armour almost complete

My 1943 Russian Tank Corp attack list (using Keith's Scenario Generation System) requires two Tank Brigades which, with HQ stands, comes to 13 x T34 models. By ferreting around amongst the boxes of bits I found another couple of T34's, one of which had been given to me aeons ago (actually quite a few of these T34 models had been given to me by players 'giving up' on WW2 because they couldn't find rules sets that worked for them.. pre-Spearhead days, of course).

This is what I had to work with, with these last two models.

Here is the end result after the application of just a little paint today.

So here are the T34's required for the two tank brigades, plus the Tank Corps HQ. I did decide to leave two of the models in the original khaki colour. I may also base them all, as I like based vehicles.

I also repainted the T34 ARV.. I really quite like this model for some reason. Maybe I'll have to take an engineer detachment just to use it on the table top (and engineers offer useful factors in town sector fighting).

Finally, because they all came with two turrets (remember that? you got a T34/76B and a T34/85 turret in the one kit) I felt that I ought to paint up a few of the later turrets.

Cat hunters, Nick!!!

Those German 75mm IGs are almost done.. photos soon.

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  1. Very nice! And BRING 'EM ON! 'bout 1837 Tigers (I and II) against 66,549 T-34s. No worries...