Friday, September 28, 2012

More tidying up ... "odds and sods"

It's been a busy hobby week amidst the 'wind down' from one heck of a school term. Pottering through the boxes of stuff to be done/projects to be completed (searching out anything else remotely interesting for the 20mm Spearhead project) I came across three unpainted GW Imperial Guard Kasyrkin figures that had apparently been surplus to requirements. So these three have now been recruited into the ranks of the Traitor army. Feeling a little lazy I painted all three in the jungle camouflage scheme. It seemed to be the one requiring the least thought.

I also discovered a solitary Imperial Guard officer painted, but missing an arm. He had come with the bulk lot of IG I'd bought already painted several years ago. No arm? Well not entirely 'armless.. but a complete sitter for a mutant.

One mutated arm (well, an Orc arm actually, but somewhat out of proportion for an ordinary human) and another mutant is added to the list.

Never under estimate the value of the old 'spares box' eh??

Now, I have some of those 20mm zombies and zombie dogs on the pins ready for painting for the HotT Undead army.

I must try to figure out why I get that dark area lower right on the photos when I use the flash.. I'm not obscuring anything with fingers, so it's a bit odd. Any thoughts?

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  1. That shadow could be from the camera being very close to the table top?