Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avast there me 'earties...

There I was trying to assemble my Dwarf Gyrocopter, and not succeeding.. top quality superglue isn't all it's cracked up to be, damn it!! So away it went into its box, and I case my eye around for something quick and easy to complete to sate the painting appetite. My eye fell upon a small plastic galleon that I'd bought several years ago, thinking "arrr Jim lad, there be a great airboat for a Pirate 'otT army". It has sat upon a shelf resplendent in its black undercoat for at least a couple of years.

And with a couple of evenings of sporadic painting, washing and highlighting, this is what came out.

I was tempted to rig it too, but my need for instant gratification blew that idea of of the water (oopppsss.. no pun  intended).

Only problem is, I don't have the pirates to go with it. No matter.. Stan.. Stan.. STAN .. get me some of them thar pirates, quick laaad!!!


  1. I know that model galleon - I saw one for sale only last month and thought about buying it!

    I like what you have done, but why is it stuck up a tree?


  2. Eureka Miniatures has 28mm Teddy Bear pirates if you're doing a Peter Pan/dreamscape type HoTT army with a flying pirate ship.

  3. Tony.. it's weed!!!!LOL

    ... of course it may need to be trimmed a little more.. and then I'll base it up.

    Kind regards

  4. Eureka Miniatures eh...???? Hmm Thanks for the pointer.. He! He! another project in the making!!


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