Monday, August 23, 2010

Scions of Chaos revealed.. Part 4

The jungles seemed endless, as Carruthers' British forces continued their advance. But now finally all was revealed: the scions of Chaos appeared before the advancing British troops. Glowing knights, gamboling zombies, all took position before a towering skull fortress. This would be terrifying fight.

Carruthers troops took up a defensive position on the nearest hill top, and his sharpshooters had quickly dispatched one of the mobs of zombies.

Confidence was high in the British ranks and uncharacteristically his troops poured from their defensive position on the ridge and into the chaos ranks.

Attempts by the flanking British sharpshooters to flank the chaos line were countered.

The air throbbed with beating wings, and the british troops looking skyward were now terrified to see a dragon soaring over their heads. It landed next to the Chaos stronghold and surveyed the scene.

Things seemed to be going well, and when you are a dragon, a little caution never went amiss, and so the beats waited and watched while the Chaos hero destroyed the steam robot after a momentous tussle.

Now the British line was looking thin, with half of the British artillery destroyed by dismounted Chaos knights. Carruthers surveyed the scene himself, and quietly ordered a withdrawal to safer ground. There would be another day!!!

And the Dragon continued to survey the scene with mild amusement, and not a little satisfaction at the accumulated wealth that would come from any captured British pay chests....

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