Monday, August 23, 2010

Carruthers pushes inland...Part 3

With the smell of success in his nostrils (nothing to do with the smell of those brown trousers after the affair with the spiders), Carruthers pushed on inland, following along the banks of a large river pushing upstream. The sounds of the jungle were suddenly hushed, the silence suddenly broken by a terrifying bellow. As Carruthers' troops rounded the next bend in the river they were confronted by savage looking peoples and bellowing dinosaurs. Magic arced across the skies!!!

His troops steadied themselves, and Carruthers, grown bold with the flush of success, pushed forward with his men. 'Steady!'

Soaring Pterodactyls swooped from the skies and fell upon a unit of sharp shooters on the flank, rending flesh and clawing them apart.

Carruthers pushed his troops forward, hoping to catch this savage enemy in a deadly crossfire in the loop of the river.

Towering Tyrannosaurs rushed at the British lines, and were rent asunder with the bellow of British guns.

LIke cats with mice, the Pterodactyls swooped and teased the steam robot.

With his best assault troops across the river. Carruthers ordered a series of swift bayonet charges which caught the fiendish Shaman in the open.

Attempts by the Pterodactyls to distract Carruthers were to no avail, and his shock troops finished the affair in bloody, quick time.

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