Monday, August 23, 2010

Carruthers new adventures part 2...

Carruthers regrouped his forces and a few days later pushed back into the jungles. Emerging through the jungles he wasn't the only one to feel a tremor of terror as he saw arrayed before his a=forces an army of spiders, rattling and rearing, ready for the fight. A good day for the brown trousers eh wot!!

The spiders stood in defence of their lair ...

Carruthers had other plans of course .... and the steam robot, and his artillery, were ready and waiting, hoping to do some serious squishing today.

Carruthers himself stood ready to do battle, with two ranks of stout hearted bayonet armed British infantry to his front, and a large steam robot on his flank!!

As the advance proceeded, the skies were filled with thunderous roaring, and the great Spider God appeared.

Carruthers advanced his forces through another patch of jungle, but the boys found themselves quickly ensnared in battle with a series of creepy lurking spiders... now that's damned unbritish!! But these were stout British lads, and they quickly saw of first one unit of these dastardly ambushers,....

... and then another.

As the spider hero lead her forces hurriedly towards the British forces, a great roar echoed through the jungle as the British artillery took aim at the spider hero herself....

and in a sticky gooey spray across the jungle she was no more, leaving the spider forces leaderless, fleeing from the battlefield. Carruthers could rest easy that he had finally begun the conquest of this foul land in earnest. But the advance must go on.


  1. Very good m'lad! Very good indeed. Best one squashes as many of those damned giant spiders as one can, what?!


  2. BY Gad you are right suh.. another two battles to come...