Sunday, August 22, 2010

By Gad Carruthers...

There had been some mystery about the whereabouts of General Carruthers after his disappearance in action during his failed expedition to distant lands. However he had reappeared at Horse Guards and, while no-one quite new the story, his rehabilitation into the British Army had gone smoothly, although rumours abounded about why he had suffered demotion to Brigadier without being cashiered completely. Regardless of the story, here he was once more commanding an expedition to some distant far off land in order to plant the flag for the Queen. Rumours had abounded of magic and mischief of a sort most particularly unbritish!!!

So Nick and I got together for an afternoon of gaming as we fought a series of themed and linked games following yet more of the adventures of cad and philanderer General (or is that Brigadier) Carruthers. As the theme of the day would see the British VSF army on the offense in all of the battles (that's just the way we planned it) we decided that we would take turns using the attackers and defenders to make sure that we each got additional 'gaming variety.

Forces were marshaled, although he hadn't been trusted with more than a steam powered robot and some artillery to support his troops, after his previous debacles. Upon landing he pushed his troops into the jungle, but news of the landing had spread, and soon jungle tribes were marshaled in front of his forces.

Apes and beasts abounded along the enemy battle lines in support of the tribespeople.

Mysterious sounds and incantations emanated from the enemy lines. and before Carruthers could pour his next cuppa bolts of lightening shot forth into the British lines, leaving smoking boots where riflemen had previously stood.

As if this had been a signal, the entire line of tribesmen surged forward.

Fierce fighting with claw and tooth, spear and spell, saw battle ebb and flow, with guns and men falling to the attack of beasts, until ... Carruthers very command post was attacked by the Shaman of the ancient tribes, leaving Carruthers the sole survivor. With those about believing Carruthers to be lost, a general advance to the rear seemed to be in order for the remaining British forces.

For Carruthers the battle had just begun, it was time to marshall his forces and get serious with another attempt to penetrate the interior; trouble was certainly afoot!! By Gad Suh!!!!


  1. Bay Jove, Wensleydale, those giant tiger-type moggies are handsome beasts, aren't they, what? What I wouldn't do to have one of these pelts in front of the fireplace at Chez Curruthers, let me tell you. But there seems to be something wrong with our projectiles - Hey? Hey? - just bounces off their bonces. Not good. Not good at all, what? ...


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