Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gad Suh.. damned fine fellows

What the official despatch to the War Office said:

"Lancer reinforcements arrived at full strength."

What Carruthers actually dictated to his ADC:

"Finally some actual bloody cavalry. Damned fine fellows those Lancer chappies.. excellent, excellent. Now for some real fighting instead of this namby pamby 'oo let's shoot them, they look to damned fierce for the likes of us' rubbish." 

Latest reinforcements in the expansion of the British VSF army to Big Battle HotT strength. I purchased a box of HaT 17th lancers quite some time ago. Finally dragged the box out and completed them. These will be classed as 'knights', given their predilection for up close and personal combat from the backs of their mounts.


  1. Very nice Robin. Good stuff.

    Got my Pz IIIs finished, sans decals, currently working on the Stuka.