Friday, December 27, 2013

Gods? Nah, never... More HotT action

Second game for the night, and we swapped armies. Nick took the Undead, while I took the Lost Worlds.

My God arrived early, and I sent him around the Undead right flank supported by the other two flyers (cue - maniacal laughter!! .. but the evil guys usually get the 'come-uppance' don't they?)

We advanced our main lines towards each other. Nick attacked my warband general with both of his magicians. A 2 and a 6 left the issue beyond doubt, and Nick's second victory for the evening.

Nick's plan was to fight the rest of the battle, using as few of his troops as possible to 'delay' the God until it disappeared, or until he had won the battle along the main battle line. He turned his beasts to face the flyers, expecting them to be the sacrificial units while his blades and magicians did the business elsewhere on the battlefield.

The end came quicker than either of us expected, but luck favours the brave. Another cool game.

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  1. Hero generals, eh? Mine are always getting me in trouble!