Friday, December 27, 2013

'It's all Greek to me'. Carruthers latest despatch ....

Major General Carruthers I assume? As if bashing up indigenous peoples wasn't enough, it seems that Maj Gen Carruthers managed to tackle an almost equally ancient civilisation that he just happened to stumble upon: a gathering of Greeks. Now these could be dashed tricky chaps, you know, but their preference for spears and shields would surely mean that they would be easy beats for his fine upstanding British gentlemen?

The newly recruited riders moved out to threaten the Greek left flank.. as you do when you are British, you know..

While the centre of good solid infantrymen, led by the inimitable General himself, pushed forward against the jolly un-British spearmen.

Elements of the British flying force flew silently across the lines of combatants looking for mischief.

Gods? Gods you say? Oh I say, that's just not British. Whatever would her Majesty say? The Greek God Aries seemed to have been summoned.

The riders advanced as gallant British gentlemen would, never mind the odds, you know!!

In the centre the British infantry charged forward, supported by their steam powered robot. These damnable Greeks must be taught a lesson, you know, eh wot!!!

Plenty of the good ol' biffo and argy bargy .. ah, the sound of steel in the morning, there's nothing quite like it! The fly-boys had found a way to make themselves useful

Aha, we knew it was damnably un-British. The Gods themselves deserted the Greeks as Aries took flight. Good old British steel you know, eh wot??

The general melee in the centre was looking interesting.

One of the fly-boys tumbled to the ground in a ball of flames.. gad suh!!!

But with Aries gone, the British riders were now cleaning up on their right.

And in the centre the Greek spearmen had lost their cohesion as they fought to keep the British at bay.

Finally the Greek general was taken, and the Greek army fled the field. Caruthers can be seen with his command squad standing at the left of the picture surveying the field as his troops clean up the last of the Greeks.

This was a game that Nick G and I played a few months ago. I uploaded the photos, but never found the time to write up the battle.

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