Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dwarves in action again.

I had another 1000 point game today using my Dwarves against Locky's Daemons.. AGAIN!! It's all good fun, and I may be starting to get the hang of the WFB system. It's unlike other game systems I've played, but it's probably just a matter of getting used to the system specific tactics. Most of these issues seems to be reasonable, although the only thing I can't quite get used to is this: I attempt to hit a unit in flank and rear, but it still beats the ***** out of me. It was a tough unit (Daemon Flesh Hounds), but I'd have thought that it would still be toast as a unit of Miners hit the rear (the mercenary Light Cavalry failed their Terror test and so didn't charge the flank.. oh well).

I actually managed to set up some very cool positioning (I figured out how to better use deliberate flee moves to leave attackers high and dry), but then proceeded to fail all of my fear tests and so the grand counter attack failed to materialise.. damn!! However I may just be starting to figure out how to play this game. Poor die rolling will lose you any game in any system: 1's and 6's at the wrong time are always a bummer.

Thanks to Locky for a pretty cool game.. I'll get there with these Dwarves.. I think I just need to play more games.

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