Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pushing the 'pause' button.

We are finally nearing the shift into our rebuilt house. The house is great, and comes with new garage and 'games room. Our neighbourhood is still looking like a post apocalyptic disaster, although two more houses have now been fenced off in preparation for demolition and rebuild.

The upshot is that I have effectively closed down the games room for a wee while. This is very frustrating, as there are numerous projects running around in my mind, and lots of WW1 scenarios begging to be played. Well I am feeling generally starved of hobby experience whether it be modelling, painting or 'gaming. There are early era jet kits to be built, WW2 and Korean war/post W2 Spearhead gamers to play, new Great War Spearhead scenarios to be play tested, more 6mm figures awaiting the love and paint they deserve.

Then there are the new projects to be planned and started, like the expansion of the 20mm HotT Undead army so that the British VSF army has an opponent.

Anyway, there may be the occasional blog post, but little of any substance until the shift is complete. Even then the game room may need to double as a storage facility for a wee while while we sort out furniture, and general unpack, sort and organise.

Be assured that I'm neither MIA nor KIA. Life has just pushed the pause button. I hope to push the play button again soon.

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