Saturday, July 5, 2008

Too little time

Things have been a little quiet of late. Work has a habit of interfering with my hobby - why's that? I did manage to complete a very basic Undead HotT army, and I'll post some photos this week. I even managed to play one game with the army, and... wow!!.. those magicians are pretty powerful with their magic provided you can get the pips to fire them. I even managed to ensorcel the opposing hero to win the game. I was just really lucky that young Simon didn't manage to get his Dwarven blades amongst my skeleton hordes!!! Whew!!!!!

The only other achievements of note were the re-fight of the battle of the St Gond Marshes, September 1914, using my 6mm armies and Great War Spearhead rules (watch The Great Adventure for an AAR), and the purchase of a box of those really cool Esci 20mm Zulu Wars Brits.

I should acknowledge that these photos come from Plastic Soldier Review

These will provide the basis of my VSF HotT army (well the first one anyway), shooters and blades.

I've also been able to start painting some of the 15mm Ottomans I bought recently in preparation for a 15mm DBA tournament next month. So these past months haven't been a complete waste of hobby time, but certainly a little slow.

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