Tuesday, July 12, 2016

By gad suh, such a sight to see

'It's enough to make me blood race, me boy. Such a sight to see". These were the words of Major General Caruthers as he stood in front of his 'glorious boys' as he liked to call them.

The long awaited long promised additions to his forces now meant that he was equipped as he'd demanded when given the task of bringing civilisation, pink gin and warm beer to the uncivilised worlds of Planets Earth and Mars.

Most recently unloaded and ready to go were the second steam robot, and a new sleek lined airboat, both ready to add their own flavour of terror into the hearts of all who would stand in his way.

The newest steam powered robot (a Warmachine Heavy Warjack model), and one of the newest slim line airboats.

The steam powered robot HMLS Albert.

The newest airboat, smaller and more powerful than its predecessor (A Revell Hindenberg model)

Caruthers' assembled ether driven  air forces
 On a slightly egotistical note, I just had to put out the completed army, enough to give 72 points worth of HotT (Hordes of the Things) goodness, with room for a little variation.

The completed army on parade

Red white and blue forever

Hip hip hooray for the Union Jack, and God bless her majesty Queen Victoria

And so the VSF project is done, after several years of patient building and painting. Only thing to do now is.. follow Major General Caruthers as he wages war in the name of the glorious Queen Victoria (one of our frumpier Queens)  planting the British flag wherever he may go on Planet Earth or Planet Mars.

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