Saturday, November 1, 2014

Inducting new players

The summer terms mean Saturday mornimng wargaming, and this term I have four new boys interested in pushing the plastic across the table. The vote was for Warhammer 40K, so this morning we settled in to my wargames room (since my temporary accommodation is 50 metres down the road from work, and this save sme lugging boxes of figures in to a classroom) and we worked our way through a small introductory game (admittedly using the 4th Edition rules).

They don't have their own armies (yet) so it was out with my Space Marines and Traitors.

My troops love to pose

Nw interest, new beginnings.

A quick flick at Armati

Bit of a change last night .. a renaissance game using the Armati rules. No tedious AAR, just a few shots to give the feel, and show off Adrian's awesome 15mm figures. The armies were Turks and Austrian Imperialists.

Forcing the Uvarova

The vastness and the difficulty of the terrain through the Caucasus meant that by 1915 there were still avenues to be explored if victory wa...