Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wonderful 20mm Spearhead reinforcements

We had a visit yesterday from good friends Gerard and Marion, and their two 'children' Alex and Charlotte.

I write 'children' in inverted commas because they are both mid/late teens, and sadly the last time we met them both they were both under fives. As an aside, they provide yet more evidence to support my world view that young people today are extraordinary. These are two intelligent caring witty thoughtful human beings. Young people like this give me faith in the future of humanity. Well done Gerard and Marion.

It was great to catch up as it has been far too long since we last did, yet it was as if we saw each other last week. They say that's the sign of good friends. Our meet-up was too short, and as they left I realised that Gerard had placed a small pile of boxes on our breakfast bar. It looked like this:

And then this ...

Excitement building ... because when I opened the big box at the bottom it looked like this ..

OMG .. breathe Robin breathe!! 3 x T60s (or T70s??.. must check my vehicle ID)

And Cossack cavalry, including Gerard's take on a Russian Tchanka ...

And Cossacks both mounted and dismounted ....

"Just thought you'd like these Robin... I don't do much 20mm 'gaming these days" ... in Gerard's self effacing modest way.

OH ... MY... GOD ... how awesome are these???!!! Thank you SOOO much Gerard... I just have to get something organised to get these beauties on the table.

Wargames opponents beware.. destroy these on the table on pain of death.. they are .. A..MAZ ..ING!!!

By the way, Gerard.. we really have been saying we must pack up some armies and come across to Hokitika and spend a day 'gaming with you. Now we really MUST.

Thanks buddy!!

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