Friday, September 30, 2011

Carruthers gathers wondrous flying machines ...

Carruthers has been writing repeatedly to their Lordships at Horseguards begging for reinforcements as he attempts to subjugate  unknown worlds and gather empire for Her Majesty. Their Lordships have despatched two of the newest flying contraptions to Carruthers, in the hope that this might keep him quiet for some time.

A small addition to the British Victorian Science Fiction HotT army, and just off the painting table (and yet to be based) are these flyers. The come from the Spartan games Uncharted Seas range.

Still to come is a Skyboat from the same range that will do duty as an airboat in Her Majesty's Royal Naval Air Service!! Top hole, eh what???

You can read more of Carruthers' earlier adventures here.

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