Thursday, November 15, 2018

Re-discovered figures. an army build quick win

Prompted by Andy's quick fire Napoleonic HotT army, I re-discovered a pile of surplus figures left over from a wonderful Gerard Davey gift (his own surplus figures IIRC). The bulk of the figures created a large Volley and Bayonet army, but there were some figures left over. What better idea than a heroic napoleonic French army. So, here is the first phase of the project completed. There are still more figures to go, and plans for some more 'fantasy' elements yet to come.

The army so far

Old Guard - blades

Two line infantry columns - behemoths

Hero General-- the 'ultimate hero'?

Riders on the left, knights on the right

Shooters at the front.. 'legeres'

Hordes.. conscripts.
My question on the HotT Yahoo group about classification of French line infantry prompted a great discussion, with a range of ideas. Our intention is NOT to fight napoleonic era battles. We use Volley and bayonet for that. But it seems that using French line infantry as spears, or behemoths, could do the business.

Our aim is to fight fantasy battles. This is an era of heroes with weird (almost .. but not quite .. steam punk) devices. The devices are yet to come.

I suspect the plan is clear.. another Big battle HotT army, but a 'quick win because the figures are pretty much all painted already. Just some sorting of bases, a wash to give some depth and job done.

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