Saturday, April 23, 2011

ACW Volley and Bayonet in 6mm

On the second day of Natcon 2011 Andrew and played a casual Volley and Bayonet game using Andrew's 6mm ACW armies. The difference here is that Andrew has based his 6mm figures on full sized (3"x3") bases. These look grand on the table top!!

Here again are just a few assorted photos. The game was set in 1861 (after all it is the 150th anniversary this year). The Confederates got the better of the day.

DBA at Natcon 2011

A few assorted photos of my games in the one day 6 round DBA tournament at the New Zealand Natcon 2011. The camera batteries failed on me so just a few photos from early in the day. I was using my II/39(b) Celtiberian army.

These first few were from my first game against Stan's Carthaginians.

I managed one photo from my game against Jim's Ptolomaics ...

And then the camera batteries died. I managed 3 wins, 2 losses and adraw for the day, and was happy with that. Those Spanish are hard to use, and we spent a lot of time working hard on steep hills and in woods. The tournament was organised by Keith, and the results can be found here on his Blog.

First New Zealand Natcon 2011 photos

Before I get started on the very cool DBA tournament that I played in this year, here are just a few photos of some of the wonderful armies that were in use in the WH40K tournament, no commentary needed really,  just worth enjoying I thought.

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