Sunday, November 3, 2019

Turkish forces push south into Egypt ... a HotT game report

This was a Big Battle HotT game that Andy and I played a few weeks ago. (The pressures of work etc have meant that the photos have sat here for a little while.) The game featured Andy's Semi historical Egyptians vs my VSF Turks.

Set up, Egyptians on the left, Turks on the right

Egyptian blade, with flyers tucked up behind

Chariot general, and behemoth (da cat!!)

Turkish airboat

Turkish behemoth

So Andy and I both made perhaps the worst choice possible.. we both chose a Hero General, and what's more, this was our CnC. They went head to head in turn 2, and on the simple roll of a die, I won/Andy lost. His entire centre disintegrated. We'd both made a bad choice.. the fate of the game hung therefore on a single die roll -- winner takes all.

Andy's centre has all but disappeared, and his reserve is rushing lover to fill the gap

On the Turkish right, Turkish riders circle around in an attempt to get in behind the Egyptians

Turkish blade battering away at what was left of the Egyptian centre

The Egyptian right is having a better day of it against the Turkish left

The Turkish right, flyers in advance, backed with Riders, pushes across into the Egyptian centre

Battering away at the Egyptian reserves

The Egyptian right makes some headway against the Turkish left

However casualties mount amongst the Egyptian reserve

The game went to the Turks with over 50% of the Egyptian forces counted as casualties. Both Andy and I had forgotten that when hero goes up against hero, each is a 'quick kill' to the other. So the entire game went the way of that single die roll.

Neither of us is likely to do that again. The game was still a bit of fun, albeit that it wasn't typical of what other of us can do as players.

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