Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Creepy crawlies and undead things .. a HotT AAR

Played a game of HotT last night with Nick on his last night with us after his recent conference. Nick took the Spiders and I took the Undead.

The lists were:


1 x Behemoth General
1 x Hero
1 x God (Spiderman)
10 x Hordes
2 x Land Lurkers


1 x Hero General
1 x magician
1 x Behemoth
2 x Blades
2 x Zombie Hordes
1 x Skeleton shooters
2 x Zombie dog beasts

Early blood went to the Undead as a wave of magic ensorcelled the Spider Hero.

From behind the Undead army .. the Spider Hero had been where the gap in the Spiders' line now sits.

The Spiders had sent a group of Hordes around their left top threaten the Undead right flank

The Undead magicians continued to cast spells in the direction of the spiders.

The Undead battle lines advanced

In an unexpected turn of events, the Spider hero shook off the effects of the web of magic, and reappeared behind the Undead battle lines There was however no sign of the Spider God!!

The Undead battle line hit the Spider Hordes in what became a game of push and shove.

However the Spider hero advanced and attacked the Undead necromancers.... and eliminated them.

The Undead hero general turned to stop the assault on the rear of his army. Success seemed at hand, as the battle of the behemoths had gone the way of the Undead.

In a battle of the giants ...

The Spider hero  was triumphant  .. and the Undead army disappeared into the ether
A damned fine battle with lots of twists and turns...

Pottering with a few more Ottoman figures

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