Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Cavalry? In World War 2?

With the modern French army almost complete (as complete as it will be until I can order a few extra bits) I have struggled to decide what to do next. Keith was expressing the pain,  havingjust finished painting 140 horses for his current napoleonics upgrade, so I thought that I should show some solidarity.

I have had these WW2 cavalry (Russian and German) sitting in a bag since they were painted for a Rapid Fire Project in the '90s. Righto. basing up for Spearhead, as additions to the Spearhead armies. I have no idea why I bought the German army wagons, but they might be a cute little piece of eye candy for a game (serving no useful purpose). I suspect the cavalry will be of limited use as an operation unit at the tactical table top level, but for a change.. why not!!!! The figures are all from the Heroics and Ros range.

Russian cavalry

German cavalry

German artillery.. again not sure they will see service in any games..

And the German army wagons ...

There are not really enough there for a full formation according to the OOB, but ..  These were one of those quick wins, but... that still hasn't solved the problem of what the next painting project will be.

Mumble mumble mumble .....

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