Saturday, June 16, 2018

Orcs ahoy...

Beneath the towering cliffs of Escalia sit 'The Reapers', two towering rocky outcrops that stand proud of the ocean's surface by some 60 metres. The Reapers have been the grave of many an over confident sailor, and many a careful sailor too.

It was towards the Reapers that an Orc fleet sailed, seeking out the fleet of the humans, the ships of old Escalia.

This was the first game in the recently re-established games room, set up last week after our shift into our new home. For a laugh we (Andy, Adrian and I) decided we'd have a game of 'Uncharted Seas', a fantasy games system that we hadn't touched for quite a few years.
The ships are terrain are Andy's handiwork.

Approaching fleets. The humans started up wind of the orcs, and it wasn't just because of the orc stench.

Orc cruisers

The Escalian capital ship, fantasy equivalent of a napoleonic first rater

Escalian frigates

And the Orc first rater

Orc 'frigates'

Ramming action

Escalian capital ship sen between 'The Reapers'

Remnants of theOrc fleet escaping
My mismanagement meant the Orc fleet was decimated, with just one cruiser escaping. A damned fine piece of fun to christen the new room.

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