Monday, January 28, 2013

Carruthers recruits .. more British VSF

A change of pace on the painting table. I've planned to expand the VSF British army to three commands for Big Battle HotT. I've only really played one game of Big Battle HotT so far, and it played quite differently to the normal condensed version of the game and.. well ..  I really enjoyed it.

The expansion began with the aerial elements, and I've had a few infantry remaining in the box undercoated and awaiting painting. Sunday afternoon I pulled them out, and (since it was likely to be the last Sunday afternoon free for painting for some time) I painted these eight figures up to give two more elements of Blades for the British VSF boys. The bases got the treatment tonight and.. voila .. job done.

The new boys

Major General Carruthers leads the new troops in review

The new boys relaxing after the Parade??
There's a wee way to go, but I have some HaT lancers and some mounted infantry on order to provide some bases of knights, and riders, to round out the Big Battle army.

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