Sunday, November 6, 2016

Big Battle Hordes of the Things

The omens were muddled, the messages unclear. There before them stood a human enemy, but also those already dead, and above them mysterious machines that spun and flew like birds. What devilish hell was this that the Gods had concocted and thrown at the victorious barbarian armies?

This was our first full three command Big Battle HotT battle. Andy commanded semi historical Egyptians, accompanied by wondrous flying machines and the skeletal remains of those already fead, perhaps transported through the mysterious star gate. The army included a hero, two magicians, and three behemoths.

This was my first outing with the Barbarian/Hunnic hordes complete with 2 trolls and 2 mammoths (all behemoths), a hero and a mix of warband, riders and knights. The troops were also hoping that they might be blessed with the support of their glorious Tree God.

The armies face off, the barbarians on the left, the Egyptians on the right

The Egyptian hero flanked by two magicians, holding Andy's left flank

Archers in front, and the behemoths behind. Andy's deployment here unfortunately meant that he was unable to use the power of the behemoths.

Chariot knights and blades deployed in front of Andy's Stargate ( with parts fresh from the 3D printer and still awaiting a paint job)

Throg the troll supporting the warband deployed in the barbarian centre

The barbarian deployment had riders on the right supported by some knights and a mammoth behenmoth

The centre was held by warband supported by two trolls and hero CnC

The barbarian left was held by knights supported by a second mammoth behemoth. This flank looked pretty dangerous

The first clash on the barbarian left

The behemoth destroyed the enemy general (mounted in a chariot)

The barbarian left flank saw some 'argy bargy between knights and blades

The centres close

In a lucky round of combat the Egyptian chariots are destroyed

The centres clash in what was to be an epic struggle. The trolls are recoiled in combat

Meanwhile the barbarian riders close in around the magicians and general holding the Egyptian left

The Egyptian CnC (aerial hero) supported by two flyers had over flown the barbarian centre and began an attack on the rear of the warbands.

On the left more blades fall to the barbarian knights

In a decisive round of comat the Egyptian left wing command is demoralised as the general and two magicians are destroyed by the enveloping barbarian attack

In the centre the epic struggle continues

Starved of pips the barbarian left ins unable to have any decisive impact on the struggle in the centre

The Egyptian flyers are now in amongst the warband.. the outcome isn't pretty for the warband

Smaller actions continue of the left

And still the titanic struggle in the centre continues

The left has only desultory action

The two hero CnCs clash, and their first round of combat is drawn

Things start heating up on the left again

But those two CnCs are adamant they will see an end to this battle

They draw the combat, and the result is an odd number - both are destroyed

What does this mean?
The last round of combat demoralised the Barbarian centre but at this point both sides had lost their CnC, AND the Egyptians has lost more elements than the barbarians.

Victory had gone to the Barbarians, but only 'by a whisker'. And never a sign of the blessings of the Gods that they had been promised in the omens.

So that was our first Big Battle HotT, and what a game. We both felt that this was a much more enjoyable game than the traditional 24 point HotT (even though we both enjoy those games too). The flavour and feel of the game were totally different. The command challenges were more interesting without being excessively demanding.

We'll be playing more.

And did I mention that there were beer, coffee and sausages rolls?

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