Friday, April 29, 2016

'Repent or die'

It seems that traces of corruption had been detected amongst elements of the Imperial Guard. Yep, the Sisters knew, and so they arrived on the planet surface with their infernal ultimatum: 'Repent or die'.

It was another 40K night, with 1500 points of Imperial Guard this time fighting 1500 points of Sisters of Battle. Andy joined Adrian and I for the game. He deployed the Guard, and I played the right wing. Adrian of course played his Sisters of Battle army.

Forces deployed.

On the Sisters' right wing three Penitent engines were ready to roar forward

The Guard took first turn, and brought down a hail of fire. No effect on the Guard right.

An initial Guard success as fire from the Leman Russ tank took out the Sisters' Immolator.

The girls weren't prepared to sit and dally about. They surged forward across the battlefield.

The Guard forces occupied the ruins of the old cathedral, supported by a squad of autocannon.

Fire fell on the Guard.

Occupying the Cathedral.

In turn 2 the Guard forces put out a lot of fire.

One Penitent engine was destroyed and one immobilised.. this might look promising for the Guard
 However that was all. In the Sisters turn 2 there was all hell to pay.

One complete squad was wiped out by Bolter and Heavy Flamer fire

The Canoness swept forward and fearlessly attacked the Leman Russ from the rear, her power weapon scything through the adamantium armour.

A unit of Seraphim smashed into the other Guard right flank squad, wiping the squad out.

Another unit of Seraphim assaulted the Heavy Bolter squad, destroying two of the three crews before pulling back.

The Sisters Repentia were biding their time awaiting the right opportunity to send the heretics to hell.

Seraphim and Sisters push forward on the Guard left

A Vendetta Gunship arrives from reserve and with three twin linked lascannon ... scores no hits.. second game in a row
 Andy decides it's time to make use of his mobile left flank. A special weapons squad, and a veterans squad, each mounted in a chimera (we had to proxy Rhinos here) pushed forward. The special weapons squad, armed with three flamers, targeted the Battle Sisters squad, with almost no effect. The veterans aim for the Seraphim.

The remaining mobile Penitent engine survives fire.

The Sisters centre takes a lot of fire too, and .. you guessed it, takes almost no casualties

Battle is joined on the Guard left. The Canoness is involved. this may not end well

The Sisters battle squad takes heavy casualties in the assault but stays firm. The Canoness dishes out a fair bit of punishment too.

Finally the Sisters Repentia see their opportunity and charge in to assist the Canoness and Seraphim.

The Penitent engine charges the remaining Sentinel which .. rolls two ones  

Gah .. snake eyes ..

This was the centre Guard squad, now its right wing in the absence of anything looking more like a right wing. It takes fire.

The Canoness, Seraphim and Repentia destroy the target Guard squad

And the sentinel on the Guard right is destroyed.

The Guard Company and Platoon command squads charged forward to try to reclaim the initiative in the centre

And the Vendetta repositions itself to provide more supporting fire.

However the Guard left is disintegrating

The right has gone ...

And the two command squads take such a volume of fire that they are all but eliminated.
The game is conceded, the Guard have been almost wiped out. Repent or die? Apparently they took the second option.

Next time?

Thanks Adrian and Andy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The 5th RTR gains some reinforcements

Reinforcements for the 5th RTR in France 1940 in the form of four A13s from S Models.

These are a nice easy build (I like that, these days). There are etched brass additions, most of which I ignore. This time I made use of the decals to add detail too. I should get my head around adding extra detail, as AFVs would never have looked like this on campaign. Crews are human beings who strap their extra stuff anywhere it will fit in the search for those extra comforts while in the field.

In the meantime ...

Pottering with a few more Ottoman figures

Finally, I've managed those extra Ottomans for the DBR army. They are 15mm figures, the arquebus are Minifigs (courtesy of friend Jim), ...