Sunday, July 27, 2014

Musee de l'Armee WW1 gallery

During our recent visit to Paris, and the mandatory visit to Musee de l'Armee, I was able to see the relatively new WW1 and WW2 galleries. The WW1 gallery was closed when we last visited in 2010.

The exhibition includes the mandatory collections of weapons.

Small mobile mortar

Another trench mortar.. this one works on compressed air

Machine guns

aha .. colonial French infantry uniforms

Now this is interesting. the 1915+ French horizon blue uniform, slightly bluer than I'd thought.
The exhibition was interesting but I'm not sure that it had that WOW! factor that I thought I'd find in this wonderful museum. The use of accompanying interpretive video (newsreel footage, and interpretation/explanation of events) was nice, and the array of material was impressive, but I can't say that I felt compelled to revisit at some stage in the future. That's not to take away from the comprehensive nature of the collections, nor the professionalism of the exhibition. It was all very well done as you'd expect from one of the premier military museums in the world.

No doubt I WILL visit again if/when I get back to Paris, but the WW1 gallery won't be a compelling reason for the visit.

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