Monday, April 15, 2019

West Germans 1982 for Modern Spearhead

Sometimes things just fall in to place, whether that's our hobby, or life in general.

I make  no secret of the fact that I am a fan of the Spearhead stable of rules, WW1, WW2, and Moderns.

With that in mind, quite a few years ago Adrian and I swapped out the figures I'd bought for a League of Augsberg army with Adrian's pile of moderns vehicles .. West Germans, French, Dutch, and Americans. They have sat unloved in their original boxes for far too long. Some fiction reading (Harvey Black's series 'The Red Effect: the day the cold war turned hot', 'The Black Effect', and 'The Blue Effect') created some motivation to finally do something with them. I have begun with the West Germans. They needed basing, and a new colour scheme. I also had to buy some infantry to add to the MICV bases.

Finally the core of the West German army is completed.

You don't get a lot of stands of West Germans under the scenario generation system - highly effective, but thin on the ground, whew

The Marder MICVs

Some ICTs mounted in M113s

The good ol' M106 Mortar carriers, 120mm mortars

Jaguar AT platoons

M577 Brigade command

Luchs recce platoon

Gepard AA support

Roland AA support

Red Eye man pack AA support

Finally the MBTs.. Leopards
So, this is the core army, with enough stands to do a defend list and an attack list. As I said, good quality, but VEEERRRYYY thin on the ground. There are a lot more vehicles in the box, but I don;'t think I'll want too many more, although i need to play around with some lists before I do anything else. Thanks Adrian.. what an amazing gift. I am embarrassed to say that you finished painting the League of Augsberg figures you received in exchange quite along time ago... and wow did those figures go to a good home.

Now, the French ...

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