Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stunts and Green Stuff ... naturally!!!

Another 10 Grots/Stunts, still those earlier GW 2nd Edition figures. This time I decided to try some small modifications just to create some visual variety. However I'm something of a novice with Green Stuff sculpting, so the mods were pretty simple.

A gun with a dangerous looking red thing on the end. No that's gotta be better than an ordinary gun surely?

A small carry bag attached to your belt - why of course, to carry.. well .. stuff, you know!!

If a small bag hanging off your belt would carry... stuff, then a 'haversack that hangs form your shoulders must carry .. well.. MORE stuff..

And let's not forget those favourite blue trousers that you have to wear with your best fatigue jacket.

Or that favourite pair of red trousers that look so cool, even if they do 'clash' with the jungle camou jacket.

And a gun that has been made by adding half of a Marine gun to your own small gun .. well that has to be REALLY good!!
I simply enjoy the painting, OK???

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