Saturday, May 7, 2011

1813 Prussia re-emergent!!

1813 and Napoleon is under pressure on all fronts. Peoples from across Europe are crawling out from under the heel of his rule and re-asserting their independence - their voices shall be heard!!

The Prussian people are no exception, and a slightly raw Prussian army has confronted it's French tormentors, the pain of past defeats still keenly felt.

This was a Volley and Bayonet game generated using the Road To Glory scenario system, played using Keith McNelly's 6mm armies.

On the plains of central europe pastoral idylls are about to be rent assunder.

The day began with bold advacnes by both armies, and the French commander (Andrew) pushing his left wing cavalry out to threaten the Prussian right.

Action  quickly developed on the Prussian right as the Prussian right wing (an infantry division and a cavalry division) pushed aggressively forward to tackle the French left.

The French infantry came down from their defensive position on a hill top to attack a brigade of Prussian Landwehr. They seemed to think that these guys were easy pickings. However one of the two French Brigades lost cohesion coming off the high ground.

It all turned very messy, with the vicrtorious Prussian infantry division losing some cohesion itself. The Prussian cabvalry division pushed across the river behind the French right, and was met by a defending French cavalry division. There was a furious calary melee from which the Prusians emerged victorious, and th French cavalry diviosn exhausted.

Meanwhile the Prussian centre, reinforced by the delayed right and reserves under Keith's command, pushed forward, forming its own 'grand battery' and applying pressure on the French centre.

Andrew withdrew his centre n the face of the overwhelming firepower.

Andrew pushed his last reinforcements, two regiments of Napoleon's Old Guard, across to his right to hold off the now rampant Prussian Cavalry.

The game ended at this stage with the French on the back foot, gradually withdrawing across the river in an attempt to re-establish a defendable line. There was of course still the matter of the intact Prussian cavalry diviison behind the French lines, on the French side of the river ... oh dear!!!

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