Friday, April 22, 2022

More Big Battle HotT action: napoleonic British vs VSF Turkish

 I'm not getting too many games at the moment.. Omicron has a lot to answer for,. However Andy. came across with his fantastical British napoleonic army, and I pitched my VSF Turkish army against them in a Big Battle HotT game. In case you are not familiar with BBHotT, the game is played with 72 army points, which has to be composed of three valid 24 point armies, which can then be reconfigured on the table into three commands in any way the player chooses.

The game was fought using our 20mm HotT armies.

The armies arrayed .. British on the left, Turks on the right

The Turks are defending.. this is their stronghold

Turkish aerial hero

British shooters

Andy's British napoleonic flyers.. truly inspired.. a mix of 95th rifles, and British lights

Andy used his flyers to screen his cavalry and knights (Scots Greys, of course). The Turkish aerial hero, supported by a flyer (on a magic carpet, of course), and the main hero general, attacked the flyer screen.

Things are a bit quiet on the Turkish left

British artillery facing the Turkish right

The Turkish Djin (a God) appears on the Turkish left

The Turkish aerial hero et al make progress, causing casualties on the British screen of flyers

The nTurkish left had been cautious.. the British shooters advanced and promptly eliminated the Turkish  lancers/knights

Things are pretty muddled in the centre .. that's a Turkish behemoth lower right

The Turkish airboat, supported by two flyers has overflown the British left, in preparation of an attack

They pivot and attack the British artillery in the rear

Both sides are starved of pips at this stage in the game, but casualties are mounting on the British centre

Andy pushes his right forward, sensing the opportunity presented to his shooters who now face mostly riders, although that Turkish God has launched at attack onto their rear, which they manage to repulse

The Turkish left has taken casualties from the British shooters that Andy has advanced quite aggressively

The remaining Turkish riders have withdrawn, but the Turkish God (top right) has caused some damage, attacking and eliminating a British artillery unit

The Turkish magician at the bottom of the photo has not been very active, nor very successful

The Turkish airboat and aerial hero finally get some pips and start to do some damage

On the Turkish left the riders manage to take the line of shooters in the flank, causing casualties

'Get in'!!! Mayhem in the centre

The game had seen several 'points if inflexion' where the balance had shifted. However in the last two turns things shifted quite profoundly, and British casualties caused two of the three commands to become demoralised, and battlefield honours went to the Turkish army.

This was a really great Big Battle HotT game with many twists and turns. These larger games play very differently to the smaller 24 point version of the game.

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