Saturday, October 31, 2015

Daylight raids on the Reich

Back to the Saturday 'gaming with the boys this morning, and we got back into it with a B17 daylight raid on the Reich. We were using the Wings of Glory system, with two B17 bombers and two P51 Mustang escorts trying to penetrate German airspace defended by four Fw190s.

After flying two missions, everyone took a fighter and there were massive dogfights over the Reich as well.

All jolly good fun, and no-one got a stick in the eye.

Finally.. I landed that tiddler

Some 6 weeks ago (actually during the 12 hour paint-a-thon) I started the Esci Pzkw I. Well, what a job. With it's plethora of single track links it has taken all of that last 6 weeks to complete the blasted thing. I seem to have long since lost the old 'modeller mojo', those single track link models don't do it for me.

Finally, I've managed to get the thing finished.

In the Spearhead OOBs it sits in the Pzkw IV heavy company of the 1940 heavy battalion of the armoured regiment. Thank goodness that's done. I won't be doing one of these again for quite a while, life's too short. Six weeks to land one little tiddler like this is quite an undertaking. Love the look of these even thing they won't be of any great value on the 'gaming table, much like those British Vickers Mk VIs.

Sadly, the German half track variants Andy kindly gave me also all have those single track link jobs. Sigh..... maybe not for a wee while yet.

What's next? Watch this space.

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