Saturday, April 11, 2020

Cold War French 1984

My 'quarantine/rāhui project has been the painting/basing of the 6mm cold war French arm that Adrian gave me quite a few years ago. This was. apart of the material we swapped, 15mm League of Augsberg army for a fantastic stash of 6mm moderns equipment. They are being based for Modern Spearhead (my Moderns rules set of choice). Tonight's work means that the core armour and armoured infantry battalions are now complete, along with a core of divisional AA and ATGW assets.

The tanks are the AMX-30, while the infantry APCs are the AMX-10P. I am not sure which manufacturer these are form, but the infantry are Heroics and Ros US Modern infantry.

Next on the board is the mechanised battalion mounted in VABs. I also have the material for a reserve regiment with AMX-13s... that'll be a lot of fun to play.

DBA and the 100 Years War

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